I had a Coke slushie today.

20 September 2013

And if you've been stalking my blogpost well enough, you'll notice that it was what I always got for at 7-Eleven. A plain Coke slushie.

To further my advances into my old habits, I went and ate instant "ramen" noodles at 11 o clock in the evening, watching Dexter and tweeting about it. Thing is, all of these stuff is what I used to do the same time 2 years ago. And as I found myself immersed in my old habits, I felt a deep sense of nostalgia.

That this is how things are supposed to be.

But you see, things have changed. I've met so much people (and lost most of them), I'm still stuck up in school and can't even talk to my seatmate, I've cut my hair shorter... but I fell back into my old nuances. Maybe it's me wanting to go back to a time when I was merely a spectator of thousands of worlds described in the written word, when life was Coke slushies, pepperoni pizzas, and late-night TV marathons. Maybe I wanted to go back to a time when life was simpler.

But then again maybe I'm just longing for a friend still.

I've read my old blogposts (which mind you, was made about a year ago), and I could embarrasingly say that I am still encountering the same problems as I had back then: still at a loss for words.

I would kill for one of these.
Gone are the times that I have written dramatic blogposts, treating everything as a cryptic metaphor for something else. I am not promising though, that I would update this blog more often (which I always do, by the way, everytime I have had a long period of time between posts... which nobody reads anyway) Probably the future me will have an easier time reading about posts that detail what happened in my day, without having to worry about what satte of mind I was in when I was writing such posts.

So today, I went to school. I tried with all my might to not skip a class, and miraculously, I did. For the first time in this week, I was able to attend all of my classes. Awesome. Then I bought some awesome dice (I'm into Pathfinder by the way), had a Coke slushie, played some Crysis 2... and gave up when the objective was too hard to accomplish.

Looking at it, it was probably a very average day for me. I was actively trying to ignore the bugging compulsion of regularly checking my phone for... messages, and I succeeded. I kept myself busy by watching Dexter and thinking about life when it was still simple.

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