The hegemony of fantasy

20 September 2013

I know the title makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but forgive me. It rhymes.

Here's the plaintext. So I was supposed to be playing my Thursday game of Pathfinder today. Basically it's Dungeons and Dragons; and if you thought I couldn't get any geekier, I made a decision last year to awkwardly join this little fantasy role playing group... and it was the best decision I have ever had in my life.

So in Pathfinder you and a group of friends make a character sheet that you fancy, and you go exploring landscapes as someone called a game master describes it in vivid detail... and depending on how you made your character, you carry out actions that affect the game.

I was a wizard. Then I drowned.

Ultimately mourning over my first character's death, I made a new character: an elf archer.

That one drowned as well. 
But it got reincarnated. 
As a chick. With wings.

I have 2 sets of this, so far.
I remember the times when I first joined this group. It was the same month, September, last year. I was only invited cuz I was bored, and I was not busy Thursdays anyway, and man it was the most awkward day in my life. 

I went in with the usual prejudice about Dungeons and Dragons: that its players are those big guys with square glasses who haven't heard of God's marvelous gift to man called a bathtub. But in this group, none of that stereotype exists.

After a year of playing, I can say that they have been the most awesome group of people I have met. We killed goblins and undead and giants together, and after countless deaths, I have gotten the hang of Pathfinder. I even bought new dice today, which is awesome. I bought a cool d20 die with blue and red swirled on it, and four d8s. I don't know why I bought 4 d8s... probably it was a frustration buy because I couldn't find any good miniatures that look like my current character.

And with my new abilities and spells because I leveled up (I role-played that I went scouring the town for magical scrolls, which I meticulousl studied and is now part of my repertoire), I can't wait to rain death on every goblin that stands in my way. Oh and if you're wondering, my character is a female Aasimar arcane archer, who both excels in shooting arrows and casting spells. Pretty wicked.

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