Hello, old friend.

19 April 2014

I'm back. And as always, here's the plaintext.

I have written on this blog 7 months ago, and I can say that indeed, a lot have (has? I can't English) changed since then. My last post was about my little Dungeons and Dragons group. It has been a while, but this summer, I have to leave the group temporarily to fulfill the demanding requirements of a new job I have just gotten.

I am back in the material handling and warehouse industry. Two summers ago, I was working for Federated Co-Operatives as an order picker for their warehouse. My supervisor gave me a picture on how I fit in the system, and what I do is I pack the grocery, produce, and dairy supplies of every Co-Op store in Saskatchewan.

I lift boxes. And put them in a pallet. For 8 hours. And if that sounds easy enough, just think that these pallets have to be the same height as me with my hands raised. Filled with all kinds of boxes. And I have to get 85 items an hour, no matter how many cases they want (100 boxes of pop? That's just one item. 84 more to go in the next 60 minutes)
Yes, I work in something similar to this.
Orange and blue as far as the eye can see.
But yeah. Now I work in an eternal -2 degrees Celsius (which is fine by me, due to the sweltering summers coming up)... a little sacrifice I have to make to get a little luxury in life. I get paid way above minimum for lifting up to 50 pounds repeatedly (which is a nice workout for someone as scrawny as I am). I tend to look at the positive things before I start on the 5th, and not look at the fact that I will be exhausted by the end of my shift, and that I won't be able to see my Pathfinder group all summer, and that I have to say goodbye to all the familiar faces and friends I made while I was toasting buns at McDonald's.

It's good to be back here in my blog. It's been a long 7 months, and a lot has (have?) changed.

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