11 October 2012

I'm back. So my last post was in February, which wasa shitload of months ago.

I have a feeling that I should post more on this blog, partly because I have an awesome keyboard that sounds like a typewriter, but partly because some thoughts are just to complex to be squeezed in 140 characters.

Yes, I have been active in Twitter lately, and I am finding it as an awesome medium to have a laugh about life. It really actually depends on your timeline and the people you follow. On my first Twitter account, I only followed two people who regularly have their faces on my timeline. Now my timeline is a mess of retweets, original tweets, and favorites.

In the sea of short bursts of comedic wisdom and hilarious responses, I sometimes find myself composing a tweet, hitting send, and reflecting that I could have expanded on this one idea.

Also, I'm back to probably get some more oomph out of my life. I have since realized something new these past few days; an epiphany, if you will, which I will write about some time in the future. I would like to believe I have slightly changed my view in life.

Indeed, I am still the cryptic connoisseur, hiding true meaning in indecipherable words and contexts, but I will try to make this blog not just as a pillow to weep on but also as a happy listener to tell adventures about. Besides, I will come back to this blog from time to time and remember those memories that I either wanted to change or I wished would last forever.

And yes, you have met me at a strange time in my life.

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