08 October 2010

Now here's a challenge I impose myself
To write in the pentameter's the test
I actually don't know how to write such
A poem that restricts me for all too much.

An iambic pentameter I'll write,
Should have 10 syllables on every line.
And that of alternating accent too,
Through high and low, I'll switch between the two.

Now there, you have two stanza's worth of poem.
Like unicorns that feed on rainbow bowls.
I know the line above is plain nonsense,
I just wrote that to keep the measure checked.

Now here's a poem. I dare say that it is.
If you're not convinced, look back what you missed:
I mentioned measures, unicorns, 'n shit
And managed to get 10 syllables each.

Waha-haha. I did it with success.
With flying colors, I passed my own test.
Writing iambic pentameter's cool
Try it sometime, you'll really shine at school.