Coke slushies

09 February 2012

One thing you can say about me: I'm a sucker for Coke slushies.
You know how you can mix everything up in the Slurpee machine just so you have a wicked cool-looking fucking Slurpee? Not for me. I'd run to the Coke dispenser and fucking fill my cup with it. No, no Slurpee art with double straws for me. Just plain Coke. Not even Pepsi either. But that's a different story.
My friends go, "You're boring." and I just reply with an apathetic "You don't have my tongue. Fuck off." I like to keep things as simple as possible. If it can be shortened, it will be shortened. That's why I write small, I'm trying to conserve paper. Trees are a valuable natural resource, you know.
They deserve more treatment (idk, maybe like cleaning the air we breathe) than being transformed into paper that you wipe your ass with.
And with that, it kinda makes me sad today. I feel... alone. I try to bypass it by reading about the ramblings of idiots posting in Facebook groups, or the crazy stupid banter of a message board. I looked into my Tumblr profile, played hopscotch with the janitor, watched 2 episodes of my TV show, but something still feels incomplete.
Sometimes being so simple can be so sad. Sometimes... I wish my life would have a shitload of colors, a fucking rainbow of memories and experiences with people who range from the utterly droll to the annoyingly obnoxious. Sometimes, I just wish my Slurpee cup would be extremely huge with fucking slushie art in it made with all the fucking colors of their fucking store.
But then again, I only have a coke slushie.
And I'm perfectly fine with that.
Maybe somewhere out there, someone also likes plain Coke slushies as much as I do.
I still have mine to share.

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