I'm on fire.

24 January 2012

Thing is, I never get bullied. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who don't. Most of the time, I just sit there, watching everything that's happening. But I'm not a clammy type shy-guy student either. Here's the plaintext.

I don't get bullied because everyone knows me. Yea, I'm one of the popular kids at school, but not to a walk-down-the-centre-of-the-aisle kind of popular. I... just am.

I am smart. Perhaps this is one of the reasons behind my popularity, but who knows? I always come up with clever ideas and comebacks ranging from the witty to the utterly sardonic. One of my classmates confessed being too shy to talk to me because she was afraid I might "diss her off".

So much for Mr. Popular Nice Guy right there. But seriously, I'm a nice boy.

--this is where I start talking to the people this blog is dedicated to--

The Internet is another thing. It's where the roles are reversed. A feeling of online superiority dominates everyone on the Internet. In real life, they are the kids who are oppressed, belonging to a group that is considered the "other guys".

Sorry but I don't need to participate in your acts. Yes, that guy doesn't deserve to be on the Internet, but it's a different thing to band together and shame the fellow.

Everything can be posted on the Internet, and anonymity is why everyone can comment about anything. To that I agree, however, there is a degree of moral decency to which airing your thoughts is limited to. Post too much criticisms, and you'll be merely seen as a jerk.

Besides, most of you might even be posting just because you're riding the bandwagon.

I understand your insatiable need to be known, your desire to be popular. I think it's bad rep though, if your popularity is just earned because you are a "insecure jerk-face who is so full of himself he'll never go hungry."

A little insult here and there is good, but there is a limit to everything. I could stop being such an ethical prude right now and go start bitching on people online. Trust me, you would not like that. So I should stop ranting right now about how wrong you guys are, and retreat to the shadows again.
Sorry, but my Biology teacher told me to be kind to animals.
P.S. Someday, that attitude is what's gonna crush you. 

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