A new blogface... again.

14 August 2014

I'm trying to get myself blogging everyday, about random ramblings I have about... stuff. And I will try to drastically change the mood of this blog. Here's the plaintext.

Over the years, I've got lots of ideas on what to write about: only that I didn't usually always have the time to write about it. I, for my fall and winter resolution, will try to change that. Hopefully, by writing more interesting stuff, I will be able to direct traffic to this blog and get more readership. Besides, misery is best shared with company, eh?

I will try to write not just about my day and all the other cryptic life metaphors I think of while in unlikely places, but I will also try to rant over things around me: pop culture, music, how awesome the last movie I saw was, how enraged I was that the chick who passed me has mismatched bags and shoes.
Random picture.

It's a new direction for me, really. I will try go from the dismal, miserable and depressed connoisseur of cryptic communication to the guy who just talks too much about stuff he sees. I have no idea what will come out of this, but hey, this is a new project and nothing is more exciting as a brand new project.

So bring out the champagne and smash it across the starboard, because things are gonna get really messy around here.

P.S. I think I need a new snappier name, since I am not dealing with crypticism [sic] that much anymore. A blog title that.. rolls around in your tongue, that feels smooth when you say it, but has hints of the verve of pop culture. I should think more about this soon.

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