I'm drionk when (while) im rwriting this blogpost.

16 August 2014

So I'm writing this blogpost drunk. Even when I'm intoxicated, I still adhere to my commitment: opne blogpost per night. Here's the plaintext,.

I am not using my BHackspace button to correct my sp-elling and grammar mistakes, to see how I could type when druink. This will help me when I'm sober.

Kinda funny, eh. Me and my buddy Scott went, on a whinm, to Colonial. It was shit full of dbags. BNackwards hat, YOLIO-spouting douchenuiggets. Like seriously.

Then we wnt to a gay bar, 302. Kuinda funny, cuz it's not my thing. I found out though, on Facebook, that it's their black light party versus their competibng gay bar's (Divas, like 3 blocks away() drag queen [artyy. We went ot the black light partym, of course, withoutn Scott knowing what's happening. All we saw at the front door were shirtless boys and it was until they came in the bar that I realixed that they were shirtless cuz thery had this funky glow in the dark paint o they body n shit

So we party, I was tipsy cuz of the predrinks we diid, raspberry... o, absolut raspberry anjd some funky rockstar ice tea shit. sop we drunk that, then s i mean he bought me s a couple more then i got really buxxzzed.

im not even capitalizing my sentences [poperly am i. so yeah. he couldnt get somebitchez and i couldnt get some too so we just baild and tryed to prep for the camping tomorrow, which he ibvited me. When I was wdrunk. Like seriously? So i said ok and he was like yay.

anyway, yeah. i ended up saying yes to a camping tri[ tomorrow to some lake. i hate capmping. i told himm tnat. but whatever, well see how it goes.

cuz whyat;s 20-something life withoug trying something new eh? i hope i dont get devoursd mby mosyuiqtoes on the way there. im just gonna stay in the fkin trailer n get woozy. shit's goona go do0wn bitch .

end transmission slut. im boozing.

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