Writer's Block

19 September 2010

So guys, here's the plaintext.

Me in front of the PC
It's my school. I have to submit a "university-level" essay about the analysis of some short story. And guess what. I have fucking nothing to write about. Absolutely nothing.

Don't you just hate it when writer's block hits you at just the right time; that is, when you definitely need some written output? I don't hate it, I loathe it. Every bit of it. I don't know what caused this block, maybe it's because I actually only made a "university-level" paper during my high school days (with all those MLA citations and shit) to make what my high school teachers call a mock thesis, with the presupposed objective of preparing us for college.

It did not help because what we just did was to insert parenthetical remarks here and there with a random author's name inside it. Also, we were not graded with justice; they just marked it and didn't even provide specific pointers if we did it right or wrong. I don't even know if they checked our Works Cited list; we got away with random book names by random authors. We even cited Wikipedia as a source.

The mock thesis we had in high school was horrible. Citing Wikipedia, inserting parentheses here and there (Lagasca 2010), and messing around with complex words for simple ideas are not good things to do in a university-level essay. No. That shit's not going down.

So here I am with the oh-so-common scene of staring at a blinking cursor on a blank screen. Maybe tomorrow, when I get to the library's carrels, some research writing spirit will come to me and make me finish my essay in one go. Oh and before I close, pardon my vulgarities in this blogpost: I'm practicing my colloquial English. Shit.

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