Reverse stalking

24 September 2010

So guys, here's the plaintext.

I just finished scouring the web for any information about some person I want to know more. Didn't work. Frustrated by this failure, I ended up Googling myself, which is the technological equivalent of looking at a mirror for hours on end.

I am satisfied by the results. I deliberately morphed my online identity so as not to be searchable in Google. I hide behind famous names or make up unique, uncommon ones. However, this blog is an exception. A quick search for Leonard Lagasca got this blog as the first hit. Well duh. This is Blogger, a Google product. But still.

I'm actually wondering whether I should give out this blog's URL to people I know around here in Saskatoon. It's personal, but not as personal as my Facebook page, to which I only have a few friends.

I am undecided. But oh well. Time will tell. Oh and by the way, I'm about to spit out a slew of those cryptic blogposts I have been notorious for during my high school days tomorrow. Here's a crappy haiku to end my night:

I held the blade
just before the phone rang
you saved me.

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